Hiking with horses to places of power

14 April 2023, from 13h, 3-4h, Barão de São João, Algarve/Portugal

Enjoy being in the healing magnetic field of the horses for 3-4h. Refuel in a special place of power and simply melt away blockages with our energetic support.

The charming thing about this encounter right from the start: not much has to happen for much to happen.

We invite you to let go of all ideas about what should and should not happen for 3-4 hours. Surrender to the indescribable. We hold a space where very much is possible. Whether capturable in its entirety or not, it doesn’t matter. The energetic walks are very powerful and often have an effect for days after. So that the actual effects are felt immediately or only later. If you are ready for miraculous transformation in your life, come join us.

We, Anna & Steffi, have known each other for over 20 years and are on a similar path that leads to our hearts and gives right of way to lightness in all things.

On this hike you can strengthen your feeling, sensitize your perception and intensify the contact to yourself on a holistic level. We will support you energetically with everything that wants to flow away from you on that day, that may show up, dissolve or transform. Few words are spoken in the process. Say goodbye to your blocks and hello to the lightness of being. This could be a big step in a new direction.


  1. Arrive, greet horses, short introduction 30 min
  2. Total hiking time there/back approx. 1.5h
  3. Power place 20-30 min
  4. on the paddock short feedback round, take care of horses
  5. last hour optional short treatment from Steffi

To bring

  • Sufficient drinking water, which supports healing processes
  • Desire to feel and consciously perceive
  • A waterproof seat cushion/underlay
  • clothing suitable for the weather
  • We ask for sturdy shoes and recommend a sun hat/cap
  • something to write for your thoughts


  • When
    Friday, April 14, 2023, from 1 pm
  • Starting point

    Horse paddock, Rua do Moinho, Barão de São João, Algarve/Portugal

  • Hiking Guide & Energetic
    Anna & Steffi
  • Places
    The number of participants is limited to 4-6 people. We are accompanied by max. 3 horses.
  • Price per person
    € 85,-
    excl. VAT
  • Additional option: Release blockages

    At the end of the hike you will get the opportunity of a targeted short treatment by Steffi, where she will detect and release energetic blockages. Energy compensation for Steffi’s travel fund at your discretion.

  • Contact & Booking
    Binding registrations until 2 days before under
    or via WhatsApp/ Telegram:
    +351 964 595 539
  • Notes
    1. our energetic work is not a promise of healing and does not replace the doctor or therapist. The energetic dissolution of blockages can very well support your holistic healing processes and set them in motion. Participation is at your own responsibility.

    2. in case of rain the event will be cancelled or postponed. You will be notified.

    3. there is no riding.

Feedback on Steffi’s work

Steffi has incredible empathy and the gift to recognize a person’s true potential. Her language is loving, mindful and appreciative. Steffi very quickly “senses” the blocking issues and acts in total neutrality, which very quickly opens the space. Through her absolute presence, heavy issues dissolved in me in a short time and a positive life energy was immediately noticeable after the session. I felt light, happy and full of life and was very energetic. Thank you so much for your powerful work Steffi, I will book another session with you very soon.

Steffi works very mindfully and is able to (re)connect her counterpart with herself. Through her sensitive and loving nature, her strong presence and connection, a lot of healing may happen. Heaviness may go and lightness, peace may enter. I am always blessed when we work together.