And what are your sticking points?

Let’s find together the issues you are allowed to solve – in individual coaching sessions with and without horse – place & time by arrangement, also online

With our coaching sessions back to your full energy, lightness and clarity, so you can walk your heart’s path without ifs and buts.

Put an end to feelings of powerlessness! Together we will find the causes that prevent you from being in your full power. Whether it’s beliefs, energetic blockages, behavioral patterns, inherited emotions or other obstacles – we will find the sticking point that you are allowed to solve, regardless of whether it’s physical, professional or relationship issues or the like. Without a lot of biographical research or discussion on the subject, you can choose to be in a new way. Our coaching sessions shorten the path because they lead you directly to insight and show you your room for maneuver. Anna combines horse-supported coaching with energetic healing work, among other things, so that change and healing processes can happen even more effectively and easily.

In equine assisted coaching, the emphasis is on “experiencing”. The focus is on practical exercises accompanied by coaching. It’s a lot of fun and has a lasting effect, because knowledge acquired through action, “action knowledge,” is more firmly anchored in the brain than purely cognitive learning.

If desired, there is the possibility to arrange further coaching sessions after the coaching in order to deepen the newly learned and to discard old ineffective behavioral patterns. This is also possible as online coaching sessions without a horse.

Through your conscious contact with a horse …

  • you work on personal issues through direct experience with the horse
  • you get in contact with yourself and develop “self-awareness”.
  • you get impulses for self-reflection and personal development
  • you increase your presence and perceptiveness
  • you develop an authentic and conscious communication
  • you learn to be present and fully in the moment
  • you learn to trust your intuition
  • you find peace and strength


– No horse experience necessary!

– Afraid of horses? No problem, this is not so much about horses but about your personal path. We have years of experience in guiding participants gently and safely according to individual need.

– Equine assisted coaching does not include horseback riding. All exercises take place on the ground in a safe environment. All horses are specially selected, well trained and reliable.


  • When
    Individual appointment
  • Where

    Rua do Moinho, Barão de São João, Algarve/Portugal

  • Coaches
    Choose Anna, Bea or Chris (our coach ABC).
    Here you can learn more about us.
  • Price
    € 120,-
    Coaching session with horse (1,5 h)
    excl. VAT

  • Price
    € 60,-
    Postprocessing without horse (1h)
    excl. VAT
  • Contact & Booking

There are regular retreats with equine coaching where you can experience and share the magic of horses in a group setting.