Riding lessons

individual for beginners and experienced riders, for children and adults in Barão de São João, Algarve/Portugal

Learn the basics of riding and connecting with a horse or put the finishing touches on your riding expertise as an experienced rider.

Riding lessons by our riding instructor Bea (in French, Portuguese, Dutch, German or English), for beginners and advanced riders, children and adults. We sensitively teach horse-friendly riding with fine aids and lots of background knowledge that will help you understand your horse better.

In the lessons it is especially important for us to teach a horse-friendly handling and to perceive the horse as an individual character and not as a piece of sports equipment.

You will learn to better understand the horse while riding as well as on the ground in order to connect with him deeply. You learn at your own pace and can develop your skills according to your interests. Instead of performance pressure, the focus is on joy and communication for man and horse.

Our horses are mostly rescued from various circumstances, are all trained non-coercively and non-violently using the Join-Up methods, are kept species-appropriate in the herd, are reliable, relaxed and fine. We ride bitless and use different saddles, English, Portuguese or Australian depending on the horse.

All offers can be combined and complemented, e.g. with lessons in horsemanship and ground work as well as with coaching.

Feel free to write us a message and together we will plan your stay with us with riding lessons and/or other offers.


  • Where

    Rua do Moinho, Barão de São João, Algarve/Portugal

  • Riding instructor
  • Riding lessons & ground work
    € 55,-
    Private lessons, per 60 minutes
  • Riding lessons & ground work
    € 35,-
    Private lessons per 30 minutes
  • Riding lessons & ground work
    € 45,-
    per 45 minutes
  • Notes
    The maximum rider weight is 80kg.
    The preparation of the horse is included in the time.
    Discount for students who come to class regularly (min. 4x)
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