Private Horsemanship Lessons

Times and content by arrangement, Barão de São João, Algarve/Portugal

Individual instruction by our experts, Chris, Bea and Anna.

Learn to understand horses better and to work with them with fun and competence. Contents can be arranged individually and can also be combined with other offers – e.g. riding lessons.

The content at a glance

  • Natural Horsemanship Exercises
  • Horse Knowledge: Equine psychology, equine behavior, social behavior, instincts, herd rituals.
  • Reading and understanding horses:
    Learn the language of horses / non-verbal communication
  • Body language exercises: Learn to use your own body to communicate with horses in their language
  • Join-Up methods according to Monty Roberts
  • Double lunge
  • Keeping horses healthy through gymnastic exercises, stretching and bodywork


  • When
    After arrangement
  • Where

    mainly with us: Rua do Moinho, Barão de São João, Algarve/Portugal

  • Trainer(s)
    Bea, Chris, Anna
  • Price
    € 40,-
    45 min
  • Contact & Booking