Cavalo Coaching

Profession of the new age

Experience what it enables you and others to do.

Horses cannot lie.
They mirror us perfectly.

Horses are mirrors of ourselves and show us “sticking points” in life: Behaviors and thought patterns that block us and hinder us. Equine-assisted coaching provides impulses for desired changes and opens new paths.

Anna has experienced these qualities and special characteristics of horses herself throughout her life and then observed them in others when teaching. That’s why she trained as an EquusCoach and worked as an EquusCoach for many years. More and more extensions and additions then led to her own method of equine assisted coaching. In consultation with her instructor and mentor, Koelle Simpson, she decided in 2019 to teach this method herself and train others as equine-assisted coaches. She calls her method Cavalo Coaching (cavalo = horse in Portuguese).

Man and horse at eye level

Equine Assisted Cavalo Coaching focuses on practical exercises with horses, accompanied by various coaching methods. Fun and lasting impact through a focus on practice. This is because knowledge acquired through action, “practical knowledge,” is more anchored in the brain than purely cognitive learning.

In Cavalo Coaching, man and horse meet on the ground in a safe setting. Man and horse(s) interact in various exercises. Meanwhile and afterwards, analysis and self-reflection take place with the help of the coach. What is experienced and learned is transferred to everyday life.

Coaching can be used in individual sessions and in seminars. It is used in both private and professional settings.

Possible, lasting effects of equine-assisted coaching include:

  1. deep connection to our heart energy
  2. improved brain-heart coherence
  3. Getting into the feel. From the brain to the heart
  4. Clarity about one’s own true, authentic self
  5. Recognize and walk your own path in life
  6. meeting ourselves and others on a heart level
  7. newly acquired awareness leading to more self-confidence and confident appearance
  8. Increased intuition
  9. Heal old wounds and traumas that prevent you from living a self-determined life.
  10. Understanding what deep-rooted patterns and beliefs are affecting my life. And clear solutions to break them up
  11. Less stress in life
  12. Become clearer in thought and action and thus provoke fewer misunderstandings
  13. achieve goals more directly, position yourself, learn to set limits
  14. increase your empathy
  15. Being inspired and motivated to make positive changes in life
  16. Feeling strengthened and empowered to take practical steps toward your dreams
  17. Letting go of the past
  18. Feel heard, understood and held in a field of unconditional love
  19. Be inspired and motivated to make positive changes in life
  20. Having a safe space where you can heal and tell your story with confidence

The horse language is clear.
You just have to understand it.

Without judging or evaluating, the horse shows us his reaction to our body language and energy, helping us to gain more understanding about how we are perceived by others and more awareness about how we perceive ourselves. This is a powerful experience that leads to greater authenticity and conscious awareness of ourselves.

Horses put people on the path (back) to their true, authentic selves. They connect people with the original power of nature. From the head to the heart. The life energy that connects us with everything can be felt and experienced with the help of horses.
The horses live constantly in the here and now. When man works with the horse casually, his one hundred percent presence and awareness is necessary for the horse to follow him. As soon as thoughts digress into the past or future, we lose the connection to the horse and get direct feedback.