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Being, hiking to power places, meditative walking and experiencing many other power-creating moments with horses.


Fascinating how thoughts influence horse behavior and how you can influence your thoughts.

With much clarity and empathy Anna accompanies the individual process of each participant. It is always fascinating how quickly typical behaviors and patterns show up in the work with the horse. Finding and trying out alternatives happens playfully and without any pressure. Powerful and physical images emerge and are easily transferable into everyday life. I can only recommend the work with Anna and the horse as a mirror to anyone who is interested in self-reflection. _ Participation intensive seminar, June 2014

For those considering taking a class with Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi, I hereby advise, “Yes, do it!” In a wonderfully familiar, at the same time professional and last but not least (at the Quinta even in the double sense) warm atmosphere, the participants do not only have the pleasure to learn from a great horse trainer, but also to learn from a great teacher – and this combination is truly not a matter of course.